Choose from 10 different visible hinge colours,
optional ring pulls, door knobs or security bolts
and numerous other options to personalise
your orders as you need.
That’s without even mentioning our stunning
concealed hinge – a completely hidden hardware
option that’s available in selected ranges.
The concealed hinge has a fantastic perceived value,
especially when combined with the
hidden easy tilt system for a great contemporary look.

Hardware Gallery

Stainless Steel Hinges come as standard on waterproof shutters.
















Multiple options available
in Louvre sizes, Paint finish or Natural wood Stains
& Chrome Hardware Solutions.

Visualisation App

Our visualisation app is our newest service tool to help you enhance your customer service and essentially let your customers see before they buy.

The app, which can be used on all types of devices, allows customers to see how shutters look in their homes and see what style is most suited for their windows.


With Tilt Rods

Hidden Tilt Rods (Easy Tilt System)

Tilt Systems

Using shutters to control light or view can be operated in three different ways:

• Tilt rod placed centrally
• Tilt rod offset to either side of the panel
• Completely uninterrupted view with the Easy Tilt option – simply lift or lower the louvres with your fingertip and the rest will follow suit.

With so many great options for you to choose, Richmond Shutters is sure that we can help you to provide a great installation
to exceed your customer’s expectations.



We have a number of louvre options available. The width of louvre should reflec the size of window and the room, so larger louvres work best on larger windows, in larger rooms.

Our choice of louvre sizes include

• 47 mm
• 63 mm
• 76 mm
• 89 mm
• 114 mm

Standard Special Shapes

Non Standard Special Shapes

Special Shapes

Main benefits :
Special shaped shutters are available in the majority of our shutter ranges depending on the style required.

Available with either straight or sunburst style louvres you can still control the light in even the most obscure of feature windows.

Arrange a free survey

Ordering shutters is easy. Consider your options with the help of an experienced designer & sample bag. Order your shutters with a 50% deposit. In 8 to 10 weeks your shutters will arrive and be fitted by an experienced carpenter.

0203 908 1008 / 07889 128494

Bi-Pass Tracking

Bi-Fold Tracking


Main benefits :
Different types of tracked solutions available, depending on what your requirements are.

Ideal for large glass expanses and a contemporary solution for dividing rooms.



Shutters are compatible with most doors and a great way to enhance the look of your shutter whilst still allowing your customers to operate the doors behind is to add a French Door Cut Out.

These beautiful cutouts are available in several options to really complement the existing décor.


This allows the customer to experience the stylish look and variable light control that shutters offer over any door aperture. As with all our shutter ranges, French door shutters insulate from heat loss in winter whilst keeping rooms cooler in summer.

Due to their highly bespoke nature French door cutouts are only available in our wood ranges.

Main Benefits :
A great way of controlling light without compromising the garden view
Provide a stylish look to complement existing décor.